Terms and conditions for the use of the Bestaloe.ma site

Mandatory information

The Bestaloe.ma website is a service of:
Best Aloe SARL.
BP 7439 – Sidi Abbad, Marrakech Morocco
Phone: +212 (0) 667 29 19 00

The purpose of these terms and conditions of use is the legal framework of the terms of the provision of the site’s services [bestaloe .ma] and their use by the “User”.

The terms and conditions of use must be accepted by any User wishing to access the site. They are the contract between the site and the User. User access to the site means acceptance of these terms and conditions of use.

In the event of non-acceptance of the terms and conditions of use stipulated in this contract, the User must forego access to the services offered by the site.

Best Aloe reserves the right to unilaterally and at any time change the content of these terms and conditions of use.


The purpose of this clause is to define the various essential terms of the contract:

User: This term refers to anyone who uses the site or one of the services offered by the site.
User content: this is the data transmitted by the User within the site.
Member: User becomes a member when it is identified on the site.
ID and password: this is all the information needed to identify a user on the site. The ID and password allow the user to access services reserved for members of the site. The password is confidential.


The host of the site is Namecheap Inc., one of the best North American companies, with reliable equipment and quality service.

The site is secure, i.e. the site has a valid SSL certificate from a reputable supplier.

Terms and conditions

This site has been optimized for current versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.

The Bestaloe.ma site is in principle accessible to users 24 hours a day, 7/7, unless interruption, scheduled or not, for the purposes of its maintenance or case of force majeure. If access to the service is not possible, Bestaloe.ma undertakes to do its utmost to restore access to the service and will then endeavour to communicate to users the dates and times of the intervention beforehand. As it is subject only to a means obligation, Bestaloe.ma cannot be held responsible for any damage, whatever its nature, resulting from an unavailability of the service.

The site gives the user free access to the following services:
News articles;
Post-published comments;

The site is accessible free of charge in any place to any User with Internet access. All costs incurred by the User to access the service (computer hardware, software, Internet connection, etc.) are his responsibility.


Bestaloe.ma strives to provide as accurate information as possible and the sources of the information disseminated on the site are deemed reliable. However, the site cannot be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies and deficiencies in the update, either as a result of the site or by the third parties that provide this information. The information given on the site is purely for informational purposes. Thus, the User alone assumes full responsibility for the use of the information and content of this site.

Hyperlinks and third-party references

Many outgoing hyperlinks are present on the site, however the web pages where these links lead do not in any way engage the responsibility of [bestaloe .ma] those who do not have control of these links.

The User therefore refrains from incurring the site’s responsibility for the content and resources relating to these outgoing hyperlinks.

Intellectual property

Trademarks, logos, signs and other content on the site are subject to copyright protection.

The User asks for the site’s prior permission for any reproduction, publication, copy of the various contents.

The User undertakes to use the content of the site in a strictly private setting. The use of content for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Any content uploaded by the User is his sole responsibility. The User undertakes not to post content that could harm the interests of third parties. Any legal action taken by an aggrieved third party against the site will be supported by the User.

User content can be removed or modified by the site at any time and for any reason. The User does not receive any justification and notification prior to the removal or modification of user content.

Publication by user

The site may allow members to post comments.

In his publications, the member undertakes to respect the rules of the Netiquette and the rules of law in force.

The site exercises a priori moderation on publications and reserves the right to refuse their online, without having to justify it to the member.

The member remains the holder of all of his intellectual property rights. But by publishing a publication on the site, it cedes to the publishing company the non-exclusive and free right to represent, reproduce, adapt, modify, disseminate and distribute its publication, directly or by a third party authorized, worldwide, on any medium (digital or physical), for the duration of intellectual property. In particular, the Member cedes the right to use its publication on the internet and on mobile phone networks.

The site undertakes to include the member’s name in the vicinity of each use of its publication.

Changes in the contract

The site reserves at any time the right to amend the clauses stipulated in this contract.


The duration of this contract is indeterminate. The contract has its effects on the User as of the use of the service.

Applicable law

Both this site and the terms and conditions of its use are governed by Moroccan law, regardless of where it is used. 
If you have any questions about the site’s current terms of use, you can write to us at: contact@bestaloe.ma

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