Aloe Vera, The Secret Star of the Cosmetic Industry

The choice to turn to treatments that privilege nature and its virtues is becoming more and more essential. Today’s consumers are increasingly informed and are raising their expectations for personal care products. They’ve learned to distinguish between the different active ingredients in the product formulation and, on the other hand, look for high-end solutions. As […]

Aloe Vera: Cosmetic virtues and benefits

Virtuous plant whose origin is uncertain, Aloe Vera is known since ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt of the pharaohs for its benefits. What is Aloe Vera? Aloe vera or aloe barbadensis belongs to the lily family and is part of the monocot class. It is a plant with shallow roots that grows on sandy and calcareous […]

Organic: Our Choice From The Start

We have chosen an organic cultivation and artisanal process since 2007. Our great motivation was to enhance the value of Aloe Vera by producing a premium native gel that meets national and international quality standards while preserving the environment and the health of our customers’ end consumers. In this article we will reveal more details […]

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