Organic: Our Choice From The Start

We have chosen an organic cultivation and artisanal process since 2007. Our great motivation was to enhance the value of Aloe Vera by producing a premium native gel that meets national and international quality standards while preserving the environment and the health of our customers’ end consumers.

In this article we will reveal more details about our agricultural processes and the production of our native organic gel.

What is organic agriculture?

Organic cultivation (organic farming) is a method of agricultural production that does not use synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilizers, used in particular by industrial or conventional agriculture. Organic cultivation is a holistic production management system that promotes agrosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles and biological activities of soils and plants.

In which region of the world does our Aloe Vera grow?

Although aloe vera grows in different parts of the world, aloe vera is native to Africa.

Our aloe vera grows peacefully under the sun of the Marrakech region (on North Africa), on nutrient-rich land, unlike most of the very large intensive cultivations in Central America, (Mexico in abundance for the world market), the Dominican Republic and Texas. This agriculture of the new continent is based on low soil productivity.

On our fields, the Aloe Vera draws all that makes it a “true” aloe (vera in Latin means true). At Best Aloe’s plantation, water needs are ensured by a source preserved from any pollution and rainwater recovery tanks. Our plants benefit from more than 300 days of sunshine per year, a warm semi-desertic climate, and sandy and calcareous soils. An ideal environment that is now also certified organic.
Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are never used. The use of chemical fertilizers would have consequences on the quality of our aloe vera, it would lead to an increase in the quantity of water reducing the concentration of active ingredients. Our aloe vera plants are grown organically.

Harvest of our aloe vera and extraction of the pulp:

A high quality aloe vera product requires manual extraction.

The leaves of our aloe vera are always picked by hand. Only the leaves placed at the periphery of the plant (lower row) are delicately picked with a long knife to start cutting. We will have to wait 3 to 4 years to collect the leaves of our aloe vera that have reached maturity. After harvesting, the fleshy leaves of the aloe vera plantations are placed in boxes. We must act quickly to prevent the precious active ingredients from volatilizing. The leaves are quickly, and on the spot, sent to our production unit which will take care of producing the precious native aloe vera gel.

Thus, our native gel will keep almost 100% of the active ingredients that make up the mucilage.

Arriving to the production hall, the leaves are rinsed and then carefully peeled by hand as close as possible to the bark, while avoiding aloin, the toxic part of the leaf . Manual peeling is more beneficial than mechanical peeling since it allows the recovery of most of the gel and especially of the main active ingredient, acemannan. The extraction of the pulp fillet by the majority of American aloe vera producers is obtained mechanically and has the unique advantage of reducing labor costs.

To produce our gel, nearly 6 leaves are needed to obtain 1 liter. Only the pulp, also called mucilage, is used for our gel. This pulp will be treated as quickly as possible because it is very sensitive and quickly oxidizes in the open air, leading to the loss of its essential components and therefore of its therapeutic properties.

Once the pulp is extracted following an ecological procedure, our native gel is obtained by cold pressing through a transformation process that is also certified organic.

Why choose our Aloe Vera gel?

You have undoubtedly consumed different types of aloe vera juice and you say to yourself “you have tried everything”, or you wish to discover its virtues. Aloe vera in the form of a native gel should bring you visible effects and satisfaction. Our natural aloe vera gel, the mucilage, consists of water and several nutritional components. This gel is rich in vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, mono and polysaccharides and secondary plant substances.

All these components are found in our precious organic native gel. The most interesting and important ingredient present in very large quantities is acemannan. This polysaccharide is the essential element of aloe vera. It must be quantified, it is at its percentage that we recognize the quality of a native aloe vera gel 100% organic. This gel from Moroccan organic cultivation has the highest value on the world market. No need to look elsewhere, your high-quality aloe vera gel is right in front of you. It’s up to you to choose it.

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